How to Import Contacts from Google and Gmail
Simple steps to import all your contacts from Google and Gmail to Markd

How to Import your Google Contacts

Importing from Google Contacts takes a few simple clicks. Our server talks directly to Google (with your permission) to transfer your contacts data over to your Markd account.

1. Click on the Import button at the top menu, or go to

2. Click on the Import Google Contacts button

3. Select the Google account you’d like to import your contacts from

4. Grant permission for us to copy your contacts over to Markd

5. You will see a spinning icon indicating that the importing has begun. You do not need to stay on this screen.

6. Done!

Once the importing is done, marks created from your Google Contacts will be added to a list called “Google Contacts Imports”. We have some batch actions coming for lists for you to edit these with ease.


  • You can import from multiple Google accounts. Your Markd account is not tied to one particular Google account for importing. (You might need to log out of Google services if Google keeps remembering your account on the selection page)
  • Every time you import from Google, we check to see if you’ve imported the same contacts already, and updates them if there are new changes from Google. Note that if you’ve made changes to a mark on Markd that’s originally imported from Google Contacts (for example, change the name), some data may get overwritten. Only data from Google Contacts would potentially be overwritten - currently only applies to profile pictures and names.
  • Additional data from Google Contacts (ex. Address) is not editable at the moment. We will start working on this alongside synchronisation features with Google.

Give it a go and let us know what you think! :-)

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