How to Import LinkedIn Connections
Simple steps to import all your connections from LinkedIn to Markd

Export Your Data from LinkedIn

1. Go to (This is under the Privacy tab in your Account settings / How LinkedIn uses your data), and click on the first radio button "Download larger data archive, including connections, contacts, and your account history."

2. Click on the "Request archive" button

3. LinkedIn will send you an email when your data export is ready for download. You will find a link in that email to download your LinkedIn data. Save this file - we will use it to import your LinkedIn connections to Markd.

Upload Your Data File to Markd

1. Click on the Import button at the top menu, or go to

2. Click on the Import LinkedIn button

3. Click on Upload LinkedIn Export File, then upload the zip file you've downloaded from LinkedIn.

4. And done! If you have a lot of connections on LinkedIn, it might take a while for the import to complete. You should now see your LinkedIn Connections on your Markd account.


  • Your imported LinkedIn connections will be added to a new list called LinkedIn Imports
  • LinkedIn does not provide profile pictures in the data export so marks created from LinkedIn imports will not have profile pictures. They will have our placeholder profile pictures instead.
  • Data exported from LinkedIn does not contain all the information but people's name, current organization, and title.

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