Getting Started with Markd

Register for a free Markd account

Install the browser extension

Log in and start marking!

Use the Markd Button
  • Click on the Markd button on your browser (next to the URL/address field) when you find someone online you want to remember.
  • The Markd button will try to fill in information automatically.
  • Click on the profile image or the plus buttons under Reference images to add images
  • The information is saved on your browser, so you can go back to the page or switch to another browser tab. Click on the Markd button again to bring the window back up.
Your Markd Dashboard
  • You can find all the people you've markd on your Marks page on
  • You can search, merge, and delete marks on this page.
  • And click to see more detail and edit
Save People You Find Online, Instantly with One Button
Markd makes it easy to save and organise people from any social platforms or websites: prospects, partners, creators, candidates, investors, influencers ...etc.

So you can instantly find the right people when you need them.
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