Unlock the Full Potential of Your Network
Markd makes it easy to remember and organise people: investors, candidates, partners, prospects, so you can instantly find the people you need for your projects.

Save people you find online instantly with one button!
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Markd remembers so you don't have to
Add notes and tags to profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram...etc. — use Markd alongside your favourite social platforms to make the most out of your connections.
This is exactly what I need... How can you fully manage your "potential" network  without going back and forth among hundreds of sites? This is the answer!
— User Review, Chrome Web Store
Step 1. Save

Curate people from everywhere with 1 click

Remember anyone on any website, social media, or platform with our easy to use browser extension. One button to save them all!

Step 2. Find

Stay Organised + Quick Search

Organise people with your own tags, notes, and lists. Find people you came across with a simple search on our clean and simple dashboard.

One Button Save

A simple click on our browser button to save social profiles on any platform or website. Markd automatically fills out the information from the page for you.

Instant Search

Search instantly on Markd with tags and text to find who you are looking for. You can add tags, descriptions, notes, and reference images to stay organised.

Add to Lists

Add people to lists to help you match people to the right projects. Coming soon - share the lists with your colleagues to discuss on candidates and leads.

One Dashboard

Manage and organise everyone you want to remember, all in a single dashboard with a cluster-free clean visual design.

Do More with Markd

Add Notes and Tags on Candidates on LinkedIn

While you are conducting research on candidates on Linkedin, use the Markd button to quickly add notes and tags to provide context and keep them organised in your Markd account.

Keep Interview Notes Organised by Candidates

Jot down your notes after interviewing candidates directly on Markd to keep your interview notes organised by candidates. Easily find your notes with a simple search - never lose another note again!

Add to lists

Add people you've saved to lists for different job openings and discussions with colleagues or clients. One person can be added to multiple lists if you are considering them for different positions.

Stay Organised with Potential Investors and Customers

Use Markd to save potential investors and customers. With the Markd button, you don't need to be connected with someone on LinkedIn to keep track of them - simply add them to your Markd account with a click of a button and add relevant information. For example, you can group your potential Series A investors with the tag "Series A". You can add multiple tags to add further context. For example, "Angel Investor" or "Venture Capital",  "Very Interested" or "Mildly Interested".

One Dashboard for Contacts from Different Social Platforms

As a startup founder, you are likely to have to keep track of many different categories of people - potential employees, contractors, journalists, marketers, partners, investors...etc. Use Markd to stay organised with people across different platforms and categories. Save your favourite potential hires from GitHub, influencers from Instagram, journalists from Twitter, and investors from AngelList...etc.

Keep Track of Your External Talents

Manage your external talents efficiently with Markd. Add notes about their rates, availabilities, and your personal opinions about working with them. Use tags to keep your external workforce organised so you can quickly find the people you need for any new project.

Research Your Potential Clients

Use Markd to keep notes on the person you are pitching. You can keep all their web presence in one place, while adding notes on any interesting findings from your research on the Markd web app or browser button. Remember to add conversation pieces as well - how many kids, favourite type of meals...etc.

Research Your Speakers before Reaching Out

Make a list of people you want to invite to speak at your event. You don't have to be connected with them on LinkedIn or any other social platform to saving them to your Markd account, and message them when you've done the research and ready to reach out.

Stay Organised with Potential Sponsors

Use Markd to keep track of potential sponsors you are talking to or want to reach out to in the future. Add them to lists or use tags to provide context, and jot down their interest level and any negotiation notes and progress.

Manage External Writers with Ease

Use Markd to stay organised with your writers. Use tags and notes to categorise their specialities, styles, and rates, and add any personal opinions about working with them.

Research Human Stories

Working on a human story piece? Use Markd to save and keep track of people you want to talk to with context and progress. Add them to different lists for different stories or potential follow on articles.

Save People You Find Online, Instantly with One Button
Markd makes it easy to save and organise people from any social platforms or websites: prospects, partners, creators, candidates, investors, influencers ...etc.

So you can instantly find the right people when you need them.
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