- it's all about the people


It's all about the people.

Markd is the quickest way to remember and organise people you find online.

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Bookmarks for People

Markd is a simple way to mark all of the interesting people you stumble across online and file them in one place. When you’re ready to contact them in the future, Markd enables you to easily find them when you need to.

Use this free tool to organise and reach out to creative talent, job candidates, sales prospects, or just for marking interesting people that you want to return to later. It's like Pinterest but for People! - dashboard

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There are more than 7 billion people in the world, and whatever you're doing in life, we believe it's always all about the people you’re doing it with. Markd ensures that you'll never forget another memorable person or miss another chance to connect again!

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Markd: It's all about the people.

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